Fortress x Sweets special setup

This is Fortress x Sweets Special Setup

The italian ken and the reference to Barca on the tama join forces to create the perfect mediterranean europe’s setup

That’s why we choosed this Sweets  colorway fot this colorfull setup.

The tama is cleared with Sweets signature cushion clear, if you haven’t tried this yet you are missing an historical and great clear.

Tower shape is our last shape, chuncky and solid, it’s perfect for lunars and and for any stalls.

Cushion clear is tacky but adjustable, definitely a great match!

Inside the package you’ll find:

– Dust bag with a buttonhole for a carabiner or a keyring

– 2 extra long strings and a spinning bead

– String tool and stickers

– Beech Ken: 68-72 grams or mahogany ken: 58-62 

– Sweets Tama: 71-92 grams

Mahogany full setup

Beech full setup