1. Fortressply Tower shape Ken + Nativ Raw Ash Tama
  • 45mm big cup
  • 42mm small cup
  • 38mm base cup
  • Improved 3 step, after gathering all the feedbacks about the first 3step, your positive opinions persuaded us to keep going in this direction, we decided to make a little more space for it and to be a little more prominent. It definitely helps for juggle and improve handlestall as well.
  • The shape is chunkier for durability purposes
  • Ringstall is wider, a common feedback on both ricefield and the similar impact 2.0 were that the ringstall was too narrow, you can’t say we’re not giving attention to popular opinions
  • The shape is more lunar oriented, you can do multiple slingers on it easily but overall it’s better for lunars due to huge sarado and the 3step
  • The raw ash Nativ tama is made with french finest ash and engraved with a unique collab engraving
  • Inside you’ll find 2 strings, a  string tool, a bearing and the unique collab keychain/necklace


  • 73-76 grams ken
  • 70-82 grams tama
  • Black / White Fortressply
  • Fortressply is composed by 0.2 mm (paperthin) layers, each and every color stripe you can see is composed by dozens of thinner layers glued together under pressure, this grants a unique roughness and feeling
  • We try to weight-match them as close as we can, this batch is overall super weight matched (+/- 7 grams or less guaranteed)

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