Tower shape

  • 45mm big cup
  • 42mm small cup
  • 38mm base cup
  • improved 3 step, after gathering all the feedbacks about the first 3step, your positive opinions persuaded us to keep going in this direction, we decided to make a little more space for it and to be a little more prominent. It definitely helps for juggle and improve handlestall as well.
  • the shape is chunkier than the previous one to add a little bit more durability
  • ringstall is wider, a common feedback on both ricefield and the similar impact 2.0 were that the ringstall was too narrow, you can’t say we’re not giving attention to popular opinions
  • The shape is a little bit more lunar oriented, you can do multiple slingers on it easily but overall it’s better for lunars due to huge sarado and the 3step

Wood choice

Italian purple (violetto) is

  • 80-95 grams heavy
  • Resistent
  • Purple colored with a sick grain and some color fading and reflexes

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